Ooouuu Remix


Yo Imma jump on this Ooouuu beat for a min. Errbody freestyling over this beat. Ma nigga def told me Danny you gotta kill this beat don't let this beat kill you. Fuck you talking about? Ooouuu. Lets go!!


Gotta switch ma style i gotta spit a verse- came with some answers dawg but I aint no kanye west, listen ma rhymes sound different from the rest. I'm from the motherland specifically the west- whats up with these rappers they keep wearing skirts - say something about them they claim they diverse. Skinny jeans type riding around with a purse - fuck wrong with these niggas? they must be fuckin cursed

yeah they hating but they cant rap - they in the background they talk smack behind apps-been doing this for years what your fuckers thought. Had to snooze for a while your boy took a nap.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Stay with the green/rock/whites its a wrap when you pay. When its war i keep that bare face Kimbo slice.Two blades get you cut out I'm Wesley Snipes . I don't trust nobody ma heart is cold as ice. these snitches got me plotting like I'm Obie Trice. Fuck around you might catch a hole for the right price. I'm from the jungle scrap city when the life gets gritty-had to be witty same time a nigga had to be greedy-work for the money stack bundles tucked in the midi. You ain't ready had your bitch feeling generous with the kitty. Ooouuu - Most of y'all niggas just act needy Ooouuu.

Ayo Def why you doubting me? Why you acting like them C's ain't next to me? Like i ain't spit some bars right next to you? Ayo Def why you doubting me? Ooouuu -These niggas talking smack fuck em all.

Chosen Ones - Studio Session Video

October 28, 2017

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July 25, 2019

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